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Readings in Caribbean History

This page will feature books and articles primarily about the resistance of the peoples of the Caribbean to slavery and oppression between 1493 and 1876.

I will post a new title every month.

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The struggle for freedom and the establishment of Maroon communities serve as powerful reminders of the resilience and determination of enslaved Africans throughout history. Thompson’s work contributes to a deeper understanding of this pivotal aspect of Caribbean and American history, highlighting the courage and agency of those who fought for their right to be free.

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After the English invasion of Jamaica in 1655, small bands of renegade slaves began to harass the English settlers and farmers. Among the Blue Mountains and in the Clarendon Hills, these bands grew in number and strength, eventually coming together to form a real threat to the stability of the colony. Their challenge to authority increased until the Assembly was forced to bring in British troops and Cuban chasseurs to combat the guerilla successes of the Maroons. Finally, the authorities prevailed but the Maroons made a lasting impact on Jamaican history and remain the source of many of Jamaica's proudest legends.

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